Impress- ionism

Viewing the world through strokes of emotion rather than 12 million perfect pixels.

Memories are essentially imperfect pictures interwoven with emotion. Impressionism embraces this frailty by admiring the beauty while keeping the feelings intact. This form of neo-impressionism attempts to breakdown our perfect iPhone photographs into chaotic and emotional pieces.

This project started out as I was looking at pictures from a trip I took to Pondicherry and Auroville and wanted to find a way to tether my emotions or headspace at the moment the photo was taken.


To the randomized brush strokes used previously, add some noise to control chaos. This gives us some Goghesque effects.

Much of the algorithm was based on Bob Ross videos using different brushes: starting with large background layers and then fine-tuning to smaller delicate details due to my lack of experience with actual paints.


Last of the pieces from my trip, this one, in particular, made me feel some form of gravity grounding me before I eventually drifted away again.

Associating home with a sense of order and security, a more definitively ordered set of strokes were used.


Collaborating with photographer Saptarishi Pandey, got a bunch of interesting results ranging between natural sunset colors of the sky to abstract neon cityscapes.

A neo-impressionistic style merging the defined abstract to free flow impressionism.