Synaes- thesia

Moving through time and space, blurring boundaries between senses with audio-reactivity.

Like the surface of water after a pebble is dropped, sound is just ripples in air. Music, a beautiful combination of these waves, hit your eardrums to be transmuted into signals that are then read and comprehended by the brain. Although these ripples, with time, hit the shore and breaks, fades out and dies, it still could have made a lasting impression emotionally.

The inquiry into procedurally generated art from sound started with a visual representation of parameters like amplitude peaks.

Later, the attention was shifted towards audio-reactivity or live generation of visuals from sound.


Soundflower was a project based on using frequency bands of audio at a certain time wrapped around into a circle to generate flower-like shapes.

Fan art poster for Someone To Stay by Vancouver Sleep Clinic. All the flowers were generated using the song itself.


Using Perlin noise for form and frequency band intensity for amplitude and speed of stroke, an interesting bunch of visuals was achieved.


Titled ripples, these are couple more explorations into audio-reactive art.


Alternative explorations included blending a form of watercolor-esque splatter linked to sound.

Attempted to pull in GLSL Shaders too by parameterizing sound.